5001 California Ave., Suite 125
Bakersfield, CA 93309

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What Makes Us Different


Why People Do Business With Us

We create an environment where our clients feel safe to talk… and we listen. Quality conversation—where we prioritize and decide on a place to start—builds trust and confidence. We don’t micromanage, rather, we simplify information to make it understandable.

Most of us need help making practical financial decisions. We want to be encouraging, helping people move ahead with their financial lives no matter what is going on. And we’ll be honest about what needs to be done, even when it’s hard; we won’t sugar-coat it.

Above all, we watch over our clients. Making a difference in people’s lives is what keeps us going! We know it feels good to get everything in order, and we love to hear our clients say, that wasn’t so bad! 



No Shame, Stress Free

Business owners, executives and decision makers have to make the most of their time; multitasking is a way of life. We know finances can be complicated and can make people feel nervous at first, even intimidated.

People who are intelligent, hard working, resourceful and able to overcome significant challenges in other areas of their lives are often embarrassed to admit that they don’t have a current financial plan or any plan at all. We understand that feeling and we are willing to meet our clients where they are and help to move them move ahead. No shame here. 



Independent Financial Planner

Charpentier Wealth Strategies is an independent financial advisor. That means we are able to offer full-service financial planning without the pressure of pushing certain products or services on to our clients. This unbiased approach ensures that we keep your best interest in mind.